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Globally In Toner Cartridges & Copier Toner Industry



Focus brings professionalism


Proffisy & Agent Hand by Hand


❶ Maximizing resource utilization:

 unity of objective

 Global brand promotion maximization

 Customer resource sharing

 Stable premium compatible toner cartridges 

    & copier toner supplies

 High quality local customers services

 Agent more business opportunities, more profit

 Customers more trust on Proffisy brand

Join In our Proffisy Agent Group


Proffisy brand is open to worldwide now, if

You have your own brand and doing long business in printing industry, but you are stuck in the pricing competition;

You have your own shop, busy as bee everyday, but you want to make more money;

You are an ambitious technician in printing industry, headache no sales channel or sales partners

You just have money 

Now Join us immediately. Take it easy, just contact us, we have professional brand sales team to support you!