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Globally In Toner Cartridges & Copier Toner Industry

The Origin of Proffisy Brand

Proffisy name combines the word professional and office together. It means what we provide is professional office supplies. 


The Story of Proffisy and the Parrot


Parrot is one of the most beautiful and colorful bird in the world. We use the design of parrot as Proffisy mascot to deliver all of you our attitude on the product and passion of colorful life with our special care and professional way.

The Slogan of Proffisy Brand

Smiles continue to the last moment is Proffisy Brand Slogan.

In our life, the surprise is a must. More than surprise, it is the eternity, with your family, children and lover, every second, every minute.



Market positioning of Proffisy Brand



Proffisy is dedicated to providing compatible toner cartridges & copier toner to our customers who enjoy the stable and premium quality products and friendly services. 

The Vision of Proffisy Brand

Proffisy vision: win-win business with our global agents hand by hand, Proffisy customers enjoy stable premium products and spend more fun time with family. 


The Investment of Proffisy Brand


Proffisy invest more on the intellectual property right. Proffisy Brand has been registered in more than 30 countries to protect our AGENT local business. Proffisy also invest on the Proffisy packing patent protection. 

The Packing of Proffisy Brand

Proffisy new designed packing is standing out by more than 100 design proposal and are praised by our partners globally after huge investigation. Every details regarding the packing, the anti-counterfeit label, model label and the cartridge label, we all care.