The Problem With E-Waste

The Problem With E-Waste

We are manufacturer of toner cartridge,copier cartridge and printer parts and also we contribute the best for Nature by educating customers to dispose of E-waste.

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The Problem with E-Waste


We are manufacturer of  toner cartridge,copier cartridge and printer parts  and also we contribute the best for Nature by educating customers to dispose of E-waste.

E-waste is the fastest growing stream in the world. To evacuate that our hands are already reaching you to gather the E-waste as of the instructions from the National Environmental Policy (NEP).

Why E-waste needs to be Controlled.

As we all know wastage is the only one which spoils the ecosystem. To stop that, the revolutionary act is needed to control by following rules said by Govt. of India rolled out with notification on May 12, 2011, and announced E-waste (Management and Handling) Rules, 2011. For the detailed information please visit

As per the Management and Handling rules not only the companies but also every human being needs to dispose of the E-waste and electronic equipment in our service centers which are located near to their location as per the instructions rather than throwing them into the environment.


Exchange price for various equipment

Product TypeMax Exchange Value(INR)
Toner Powder. Modes(SP200)20-50
Toner Powder. Modes(12a)20-50
Toner Powder. Models(388a)20-50
Toner Powder. Models(18a/230a)20-50
Toner Powder.Models(101)20-50
Toner Powder.Models(2365)20-50
Toner Cartridge.Models(CC388A)50-100
Toner Cartridge.Models(CC388A (Easy Refill))50-100
Toner Cartridge.Models(TN-2365)50-100
Toner Cartridge.Models(Q2612/CRG-303/FX-9(Easy Refill))50-100
Toner Cartridge. Models(Q2612/CRG-303/FX-9)50-100
Toner Cartridge.Models(MLT-D101S(Easy Refill))50-100
Toner Cartridge.Models(MLT-D101S)50-100
Toner Cartridge.Models(CF283A/CRG-337/137/737)50-100
Toner Cartridge.Models(CF283A/CRG-337/137/737(Easy Refill))50-100
Toner Cartridge.Models(CE278A/CRG-328/CRG-728(Easy Refill))50-100
Toner Cartridge.Models(CE278A/CRG-328/CRG-728)50-100
Toner Cartridge.Models(CE285A/CRG-325/725/925)50-100
Toner Cartridge.Models(CE285A/CRG-325/725/925(Easy Refill))50-100
Toner Cartridge.Models(CE285A/CRG-325/725/925)50-100
Toner Cartridge.Models(CF232A(NO CHIP))50-100
Toner Cartridge.Models(CF232A)50-100
Toner Cartridge.Models(MLT-D110)50-100
Toner Cartridge.Models(MLT-D110(Easy Refill))50-100
Toner Cartridge.Models(MLT-D116)50-100
Toner Cartridge. Models(SP200/210/100/111)50-100
Toner Cartridge.Models(CF244A)50-100
Toner Cartridge.Models(CF248A)50-100
Toner Cartridge.Models(CF217A)50-100
Toner Cartridge. Models(MLT-D111S)50-100
Toner Cartridge. Models(MLT-D111S(Easy Refill))50-100
Toner Cartridge.Models(CF350A/CE310A)50-100
Toner Cartridge.Models(CF351A/CE311A)50-100
Toner Cartridge.Models(CF352A/CE312A)50-100
Toner Cartridge. Models(CF353A/CE313A)50-100
Toner Cartridge. Models(CE314A)50-100
Toner Cartridge.Models(CF219A(NO CHIP))50-100
Toner Cartridge.Models(DR-2365)50-100
Toner Cartridge.Models(DR-1020)50-100
Toner Cartridge. Models(CF219A)50-100
Toner Cartridge. Models(CF219A(WITHOUT CHIP)50-100
Toner Cartridge.Models(CF218A)50-100
Toner Cartridge.Models(CF218A(WITHOUT CHIP))50-100
Toner Cartridge.Models(CF232A(WITHOUT CHIP))50-100
Toner Cartridge.Models(CF400A)50-100
Toner Cartridge.Models(CF401A)50-100
Toner Cartridge.Models(CF402A)50-100
Toner Cartridge.Models(CF403A)50-100
Toner Cartridge.Models(CF232A)50-100
Toner Cartridge.Models(TN-1020)50-100
Toner Cartridge.Models(CF410A)50-100
Toner Cartridge.Models(CF411A)50-100
Toner Cartridge.Models(CF412A)50-100
Toner Cartridge.Models(CF413A)50-100
Toner Ink.Models(PRO-T664 BK)20-50
Toner Ink. Models(PRO-T664 C)20-50
Toner Ink. Models(PRO-T664 M)20-50
Toner Ink. Models(PRO-T664 Y)20-50
Toner Ink. Models(GT51BK)20-50
Toner Ink. Models(GT52C)20-50
Toner Ink. Models(GT52M)20-50
Toner Ink. Models(GT52Y)20-50
Toner Ink. Models(L3150BK)20-50
Toner Ink. Models(L3150C)20-50
Toner Ink. Models(L3150M)20-50
Toner Ink. Models(L3150Y)20-50
Toner Ink. Models(001/003BK)20-50
Toner Ink. Models(001/003C)20-50
Toner Ink. Models(001/003M)20-50
Toner Ink. Models(001/003Y)20-50

Collection of E-waste.

We will highly appreciate your effort in safeguarding nature and please make sure that your electronic waste is allocated in E-waste bins only.
if u want to dispose  toner cartridge,copier cartridge and printer parts drop a courier to our address. #G02, 4th main Kubera Residency Phase4 Ns Palya.Btm Layout.Bangalore-560076.

And also you can call us at 080 - 41121166/Toll-free 18003133395 for information to receive the address and instruction for the disposal.,

Don’t worry we have a give back for your efforts. will reduce the cost of some amount of % while you buy the new one. Thank You.


StateAddress 1Toll Free NO
Bangalore#G02, 4th main Kubera Residency Phase4 Ns Palya.Btm Layout.Bangalore-56007618003133395
New DelhiPlot No. 619, Block A, Near Tata Telco Service Station


Uttar PradeshBh – 122, Sector 7018003133395
Uttar PradeshS 317, Transport Nagar, Near RTO Office18003133395
MaharashtraPlot No. 92, Gali No. – 01, Sector 19C18003133395
MaharashtraPlot No 24, Sector 4, Shikshak Colony18003133395
MaharashtraShop 3 Kachore Complex 18003133395
Tamil Nadu3/27 Sakthi Garden Phase II, Senneerkuppam18003133395
Haryana J-171New Palam Vihar Phase-1, Gurgaon 18003133395
TelanganaShop No.-4, Block-3,4th Shatter at 179, MPR Estates18003133395
KarnatakaNo.43 1st floor 2nd Main D.D.U.T.T.L.18003133395
KarnatakaOpp. Hindustan Lever Ltd, Sultan18003133395
ChhattisgarhMig 7 Ring Road No-2 Kabir Nagar18003133395
AssamHN-34, Kundil Nagar Basistha Chariali18003133395
Madhya Pradesh284 AS-3 Scheme No.-78, Vijay Nagar18003133395
GujaratShop No D-9, Pushp Tenament18003133395
BiharDr. A K Pandey (IPS) Malyanil18003133395
Andhra PradeshShop No.5, New Gajuwaka18003133395
West Bengal156A/73, Northern Park, B.T. Road18003133395
JharkhandA-36 Guru Nanak Nagar Near Hotel Amber18003133395
Orissa1st Floor Delta house Rajendra Nagar18003133395
PunjabShop No: -15 & 16, Pabhat Road18003133395
Rajasthan81, 200 ft. By Pass18003133395
JAMMUSidco Chouk Bari Brahmana Jammu -18113318003133395
KerelaDoor No-84D SPW Road ,Vrindavan Ln,Choornikkara, Kochi, Kerala -68310618003133395

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