16 Tips to Deal With New Toner Cartridges

- Aug 28, 2018-

Because many times the faults that are brought to you are not on the printer side, but only in the scope of the toner cartridges. During this time, some problems related to the printing of the toner cartridges have been collected. Now Proffisy share 16 tips with our friends.

1, the seal can not be pulled out: generally caused by poor assembly, the seal card or folded part of the toner.

2, leakage powder: In addition to sealing seal leakage caused by leakage before printing, multiple parts or parts of the powder box will cause leakage during use, magnetic roller seal felt defect, powder knife aging, magnetic roller seal blade deformation and If the sticking is not strong, the sealing sponge is damaged or aged, the cleaning blade is deformed and the sticking is not strong, etc., which may cause leakage of powder.

3, print out of the full white version or shallow and fuzzy

    a, the seal is not opened

    b. The powder box is shaken before the seal is sealed, and the powder is not smooth.

    c. The laser does not shine on the drum, the toner visor is not opened, and the drum cover is not opened.

    d. The drum is poorly grounded, and the electrical contact points on the conductive sheet or the powder box connected to the machine are in poor contact.

4, prints all black is usually a problem of electricity

    a, missing charging roller or poor assembly.

    b. The charging roller of the charging roller is deformed or has poor contact.

5, vertical black line: refers to any unwanted vertical lines from top to bottom, may be composed of thick or thin lines, continuous or intermittent. A thin, light vertical line is usually produced by a gap in the cleaning blade or a scratch on the drum. Thick and intermittent black lines, and the edges are not clear, often caused by the sealing blade wrinkles or the aging of the powder knife.

6. The vertical straight white line on the black plate: the deep wear line of the photosensitive drum, the impurity on the magnetic roller or the wear line of the magnetic roller coating.

7. Horizontal missing printing: refers to the horizontal intermittent printing on the printed product, the reason:

    a, partial exposure of the drum coating;

    b, drum drive gear defects, loose or tooth defects;

    c, magnetic roller sleeve coating defects;

    d, magnetic core break or positioning error;

    e, the magnetic roller sheath is seriously worn or deformed;

    f. The magnetic roller conductive spring has poor contact or jump.

8, horizontal black line: generally the problem of electricity, periodic horizontal black line is often caused by the charging roller coating defect plus the pinhole on the drum coating. Irregular horizontal thin black lines are often caused by the combination of powder bins or waste toner bins.

9, periodic handwriting blur: often caused by drum or charging roller coating contamination, watermarks, mimeographed, finger prints often cause this defect.

10. Grape bunch: It is a kind of defect that appears on the printed product like a coin. It is irregular and difficult to repeat. It is caused by bad drum grounding. [next]

11, background scattering: refers to the text or lines around the unwanted small black spots, caused by magnetic roller coating or toner defects. Overheating of the drum (high sensitivity) can also cause this defect.

12. Pattern background (Tiger spot): Appears on a white plate in black wavy or in black or half-tone on a white plate. Usually the magnetic roller cover coating defects or magnetic powder bonding on the magnetic roller sleeve due to long-term low-density printing.

13. Hollow word: refers to the lack of strokes on the text or image. Reason:

      a, the problem of toner itself.

      b, poor toner mix.

      c. Magnetic roller coating problem.

      d. The surface of the print medium is too light and too hard.

      e, paper used the opposite side.

14. Irregular vertical black spots:

      a. The waste powder caused by the deformation of the sealing blade is scattered.

      b. The toner is caused by excessive accumulation of toner on the magnetic roller.

15, light color: related to a variety of factors:

      a, the problem of toner itself

      b, drum powder, magnetic roller coordination problem.

      c, powder knife aging

      d, magnetic roller wear

      e, the drum has reached the end of its life

      f. High ambient humidity or medium moisture absorption.

16. Bottom ash: The bottom ash refers to the misty toner that appears in the blank area of the printed product, and is also related to various factors:

      a, scraper aging

      b, the charging roller is dirty

      c, toner problem

      d, drum fatigue, to the end of life

      e, the environment is low temperature and dry

       f, print media