Common Fault Of Charging Roller (2)

- Mar 05, 2018-

Electrical Performance Problems

1,The resistance of the surface of the charging roller and the contact surface of OPC is not uniform.

The main reason: the difference between the surface line resistance of the charging roller is too large and the charge potential of the OPC surface is not uniform.

Prevention method: strengthen the technical control of the production link.

2, the resistance is too low, the pinhole effect.

The main reason: because the charging roller surface resistance is too low, there is a breaking point in the OPC drum surface (pinhole), in the breaking point line charge by the breaking point guide caused by OPC breaking point line can not charge the formation of black print comp. Because of the precise processing of the base of the OPC drum and the inhomogeneous coating, it will also cause a good breakdown of the full OPC.

Prevention method: select high quality OPC (with anode treatment), production link, process control.

3, the resistance is too high, the black spot, the bottom ash.

The main reasons are: due to the high resistance of the charging roller, the charge of OPC is insufficient and the charging potential of OPC is low, which causes black and white point and bottom ash.

The way of prevention is to choose the charging rollers corresponding to the models. Because the printer's charging voltage is not enough, different types of printers respond to PCR with different resistances, so as to achieve the best effect and the best fit.

4. The sensitivity of roll resistance to temperature and humidity.

The six parts of cartridge unit are affected by the temperature and humidity influence. In general, in low temperature and low humidity, the resistance will rise, decline in resistance to high temperature and high humidity, PCR in high temperature and high humidity, low temperature and humidity when the change of stability is very good, through years of experiment, the company can be produced in high temperature and high humidity resistance, low temperature and humidity will reduce the resistance of products PCR. To meet the different needs of the customer.

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