Consumables of Laser Printer

- Mar 24, 2018-

Consumables - Consumables for printers

Including inkjet, toner cartridges, ink, toner, ribbons, paper, etc.

Inkjet Consumables: There are many things called ink in real life. For example, the ink used in a pen can also be called ink, but the ink used in a pen cannot be used to fill an inkjet printer, although some advanced pen inks may be The printer's ink is expensive, and the key issue is that the two chemical components are not the same. So when it comes to ink, we should also mention the ink that is used on what product, and here is the applicable product. In general, ink is the only printing device that uses inkjet technology.

Laser consumables: The cartridges can be divided into the following three categories according to the structure: integrated cartridges, dual-format cartridges, and tri-format cartridges. The integrated photoconductor drum (photosensitive drum), drum (development roller), and toner cartridge are In one, the cartridge does not allow the user to charge the toner in the design structure; part of the cartridge is a photoconductive drum, and the other part is a drum and a toner cartridge. After the user runs out of toner, he only needs to replace the drum and toner. Box parts without replacing the photoconductor drum. The three-body toner cartridge is divided into three separate parts: a photoconductor drum, a magnetic drum, and a toner cartridge. When the user runs out of toner, the toner cartridge can be used as long as the toner cartridge is replaced.


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