Copiers Replacement Components and Fault Phenomenon Collection

- Jun 23, 2018-

1, the supply and delivery system: pick roller, damping wheel, pickup roller, transfer separation electrode wire, pager, paper conveyor belt.

Need to replace the above parts of the phenomenon of failure, not half of the paper or paper to stop in the middle, multiple sheets of paper, with paper, tear paper and other paper path failure phenomenon.

2. Fixing assembly: heating roller, pressure roller, pressure roller sleeve, separating claw, fixing film, heating lamp, heating ceramic sheet, cleaning cotton paper.

After the fuser malfunctions, it shows a paper jam, black spots on the paper, no fixing, no heating, misplaced image writing, and abnormal noise.

3, drum kit: drum core, scraper, charging roller, toner cartridge.

This type of failure occurs because the print is not clear, the copy is not clear, the print is light, there are black borders, underscores, and low ash.

4. Developing assembly: developer (carrier), developing roller, developing gear, developing bin

Such failures appear to be due to the fact that the printed bottom ash is more typed, the text is not clear, the toner cannot be recognized, the copying machine reports an error in the main motor lock, and abnormal sound occurs.

5, scanning components: white level, exposure lights, reflective lenses.

Half of these faults are unclear images when copying, and there are dark shadows. The copying machine is given the opportunity to clean up the various scanning components of the copier.

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