Daily Maintenance of the Toner Cartridge

- Aug 24, 2018-

1, Installation and storage

The toner cartridge is an important part of the laser printer and directly affects the quality of the print. The installation of the toner cartridge is actually very simple. Just remove the toner cartridge from the packaging bag, pull out the sealing strip, and then rotate it with the axis of the toner cartridge as the axis to distribute the toner evenly in the toner cartridge, and then install it on the printer. As for the preservation of the toner cartridge, it is actually very simple. Just store the toner cartridge in the original bag and store it at room temperature. Do not expose the sun directly to the sun, otherwise it will affect the service life of the toner cartridge and even cause the toner cartridge to be scrapped.

2, Maintenance matters

Since the imaging of a laser printer relies on the exposure of a photoconductor drum. When the toner cartridge encounters strong light, the inner and outer layers of the toner cartridge are turned on, so that the voltage at the place is different from the voltage at the exposed portion, and the exposed portion can attract the toner image during the fixing process. However, the time and number of exposures of the toner cartridge are limited, especially when the toner is exposed for a long time. Therefore, you should pay attention to the maintenance of the toner cartridge when you use it normally.

1) Do not expose the toner cartridge directly to sunlight or other strong light sources.

2) Do not replace the toner cartridge under strong light. The installation process should be completed as soon as possible.

3) When removing the toner cartridge from the printer, immediately put it back in the box or wrap it in a thick soft linen.

4) If the toner cartridge comes from a cold place, move it to a warm place and leave it for an hour or more before using it.

5) The drum light barrier shields the external light source to protect the photosensitive drum and does not open the drum light barrier.

6) Do not touch the surface of the drum with your hand. Prevent the surface of the drum from being scratched by hard objects.

7) Do not place the toner cartridge in a place with high temperature or high humidity.

8) Make sure the toner cartridge is away from the monitor, hard drive, floppy disk drive, or any other magnetic substance.

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Editor’s Note: This post was Published by Proffisy on 24 Aug,2018.