Design Type of Laser Printer

- Mar 19, 2018-

characteristics of home printers, low-end color inkjet printers are becoming mainstream products.

Portable printer

The portable printer is generally used for supporting a notebook computer, and has a sAs one of the most important output devices of various computers, the printer has been greatly developed along with the development of computer technology and the increasingly perfect user needs. Especially in recent years, printer technology has made great progress, a variety of new and practical printers came into being, changed the past, the status of needle printers dominate the world. At present, in the printer field, needle printers, ink jet printers, and laser printers have formed mainstream products that are three pillars. They each exert their advantages and meet different needs of users from all walks of life.

Office and Business Universal Printer

In this field of application, dot matrix printers have occupied the dominant position. Because the dot matrix printer has medium resolution, print speed, and inexpensive materials, it also has features such as high-speed skipping, multiple copy printing, wide-format printing, and easy maintenance. It is still printing reports and invoices in office and transaction processing. The preferred model.

Commercial printer

Commercial printers refer to printers for commercial printing. Because the quality of printing in this area is relatively high, and sometimes documents and documents are required to be processed, high-resolution laser printers are generally used.

Special printer

Dedicated printers generally refer to various types of micro printers, passbook printers, flat push ticket printers, bar code printers, thermal printers, and other printers used in dedicated systems.

Home printer

Home printers refer to printers that go into homes with home computers. According to the mall size, light weight, battery-driven, portable and so on.


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