Do You Get HP Ink Cartridge Protection?

- Sep 28, 2018-

Every time you install the HP printer driver, you will always find a "ink cartridge protection" option in the last few steps, roughly asking if you want to enable this feature to protect your ink cartridges. To be honest, I haven't paid much attention to this option. I don't know what the role of ink cartridge protection is. Now let's talk about the ink cartridge protection function. What is the use?

HP ink cartridges hide features for many years. Are you GET?

HP's "ink cartridge protection" feature, the main purpose is to prevent theft and imitation, the imitation cartridge as a new genuine HP supplies illegal, the value of the imitation cartridge does not match the genuine price, will bring a lot of trouble to the user Not only will it cause certain economic losses, but it will also cause some damage to the printer. With this "ink cartridge protection" function, the user of the printer can only use the HP ink cartridge installed by the printer to protect the ink cartridge. Of course, the user can only protect the ink cartridge used by the user. However, this function is activated when all ink cartridge users are installed.

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