Error Xerox Copier

- Apr 18, 2018-

Today we discussed the error of the Xerox 286/2060 series black-and-white copier 042-323 and its maintenance during use.

Xerox 450I Copier

Error: 042-323

Xerox 450I Copier.jpg


Analysis 1:

Check the cartridge drive motor

Remove the toner cartridge and check if the cartridge rotation is normal and the gear is damaged.

Analysis II:

Check toner cartridge waste recovery device

If there is no abnormality in the drum drive motor, check the waste toner recovery device inside the cartridge if the screw rod cannot effectively recycle the waste toner to the silo. Then, the higher resistance of waste powder is more likely to result in failure.

After verification, the Xerox 450I copier reported error 042-323 due to a problem with the toner cartridge assembly. [Supplementary explanation]: This series of machines does not have a separate waste toner bin. The waste toner in the toner cartridge waste toner recovery device cannot be recycled and causes accumulation. As a result, the load of the toner cartridge driving gear is too heavy, and failure due to normal rotation cannot be achieved.

If the above operation is performed, the machine still cannot operate normally. Please replace it with a brand-new cartridge.

How to avoid error?

1,Print a cartridge life, replace the new chip, clean the cartridge

2,Waste powder recovery device.

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