How do I Change a Printer Cartridge?

- Feb 08, 2018-

Most printer users will eventually have to change printer cartridges when the ink is depleted or running. The process of replacing a printer cartridge varies by printer, but several similar steps can be taken to successfully replace a cartridge. If the printer owner buys a new cartridge tire, he or she can purchase the remanufactured cartridge or simply re-ink the cartridge itself.

To replace the printer cartridge, the printer user must first identify his or her printer's make and model. What type of printer you must have to know about the printer's applicable printer cartridge. Installing an incompatible printer cartridge may adversely affect the device.

Although the printer is different, there are several general steps needed to change the printer cartridge. These operations may include turning the power button on or off, opening the printer lid, waiting for the carriage to slide out, removing the carriage from the carriage and pulling it out. Normally the tape must be removed from the new cartridge and the new cartridge must be inserted into the same position as the old cartridge. When a cartridge is inserted successfully, many printers click and the cartridge tray begins to reposition after the printer lid is closed again.

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