How Much Ink is in the Compatible Printer Cartridge?

- Jul 28, 2018-

Most of us believe that the rewards we get are almost always proportional to the amount or effort we spend on any task. Although this is beyond the scope of censorship as a principle of life, it can be misleading in terms of physical products. How are you asking yourself?

If you are, then ask yourself this simple question: are all the things you bought at reasonable prices?

Any sensible person's answer to this question is negative. This is especially true if you consider using the original printer cartridge. Nowadays, ink is more expensive than rare champagne, and ink powder is more expensive than ink.

However, there are some things that can shake this trend, and then some. This is a compatible printer cartridge. Compatible printer cartridges are sometimes as low as 70% of the original printer cartridge price.

If you think you have paid the price, then you will naturally think of the problem behind the unbelievable low price of compatible cartridges. What did you lose? Is the quality good? Is it the quantity? Is this some metaphysical and mysterious loss?

You are most likely to think of the quantity and quality of it. But you are wrong. None of these. In fact, the efforts of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) seriously affected the imbalance of the printer cartridge market. What about? Why? Inkjet wholesale answers!

What is the capacity of the printer cartridge?

The expensive printer cartridge lets us start with the capacity of the original printer cartridge. When you buy a printer, you will find it very cheap.

More importantly, the elegant original equipment manufacturer can even use this printer to provide you with free ink cartridges. It's a great deal, isn't it?

Unfortunately, this is not the case. The whole situation is problematic, and you will realize this when you start using that printer.

First of all, your "free" cartridge will run out. You think, 'fair, it's free anyway.'

Then you buy the replacement cartridge, which is when the other shoe falls.

The cost of replacing the cartridge is huge. It is compatible with the cost of the printer itself.

Now, you think you can put up with it because you are buying a cartridge now, and it will last longer. It is longer than the "free" cartridge, but it is nothing compared to your expectations. The reason is that the real printer cartridges are rarely filled.

Because they give you printers at such a low price, they need to recover their losses. They achieve this goal by pricing genuine printer cartridges and providing less than their full capacity. This is when you start thinking about compatible printer cartridges, because they are much cheaper.

You hesitate before buying, because they will let you stop even though their low prices attract you. You want to know if compatible printer cartridges are cheaper because they do not contain the same ink or toner as the original printer cartridge.

How much ink or toner does a universal printer cartridge really contain?

Compatible printer cartridge capacity Inkjet Wholesale sells every general printer cartridge that is full of edges. In other words, they are full of their ability. Unlike the original printer cartridge, there is no blank space in the cartridge case.

As mentioned above, the original printer cartridge only accounts for about 50% to 70% of its total capacity (sometimes even lower!).

Because the size of the compatible printer cartridges is the same size as the original printer cartridges, and their capacity is full, you can actually get about 30% to 50% of the ink or ink powder by buying compatible printer cartridges.

If you have used compatible printer cartridges before and think they contain less ink or toner, this is probably a misunderstanding. Each cartridge has a yield value. Depending on the type, brand and size of compatible printer cartridges, this yield may vary between 200 and 600 pages.

However, in most cases, the actual number of pages printed is less than the specified number of outputs in the box. The reason is the standard for the management of these output figures. The output figure is actually based on 5% of the page coverage.

This means that compatible printer cartridges can print "X" pages, as long as five percent of the whole page is covered with ink or toner. These standards are strict and formulated by global agencies. All third manufacturers of cartridge manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers are following.

Proffisy compatible toner cartridge is also standard at 5% of the page coverage.Proffisy is your best choice.

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Editor’s Note: This post was Published by Proffisy on 28 Jul,2018.