How Printer Resolution Affects Output Quality?

- Mar 30, 2018-

The resolution of the receipt printer is the same as that of various other printers and refers to the sharpness that the printer can print. In terms of identity, there are two different ways of identifying: dpi and cpi.

The dpi (dot per inch) is a resolution identification method that is common to most printers, that is, how many dots can be represented in each square inch. Because the receipt printer is mostly a dot matrix printer, it is in this logo. The upper and the needle printers are usually identified by a number when they are marked, but the actual meaning means that both the vertical resolution and the horizontal resolution are the numbers. If the resolution of a product is expressed as 360dpi, it means that the horizontal resolution and vertical resolution of this product are all 360dpi, which means that the highest expressiveness in a square inch area can reach 360 points in the horizontal and 360 points in the vertical. A total of 129,600 points. The higher the resolution, the larger the value, which means the higher the quality of the product's output.

Cpi is a special identifier for ticket printers. And this kind of ticket printer is a special small product such as a bill printed when the cashier is in the supermarket. The characters printed by these products are all standard and the cpi means the number of characters that can be printed in each inch of the product. The resolution of the Epson TM-U210PA is 17.8 cpi.

Printer Resolution.png

Editor’s Note: This post was Published by Proffisy on 30 Mar,2018.