How to Choose A Home Photo Printer?

- Jul 27, 2018-

At present, there are only a few manufacturers of home photo printers on the market, they are all well-known brands, such as Canon, Epson, HP, etc., while the technology is based on inkjet printing, sublimation technology. As a supplement, what should we pay attention to when purchasing this type of photo printing product?

Choose from product technology

The series of products we recommend today are nothing more than inkjet printing and sublimation printing technology. Then we will talk about the difference between sublimation and inkjet printing technology.

Sublimation printing technology

So what is a sublimation type printer? Its main feature is that the print head heats the color ink paper. Simply speaking, the photo paper is a consumable. During the heating process of the printer, the ink is evaporated and transferred to a special coated paper. print. Through the control of the heat, the concentration is finely adjusted, so that a smooth gradation can be achieved, and the printed photos are bright in color and high in print resolution, and can provide a finished product with good print quality, so the document is printed by the certificate.

Inkjet printer technology

Then the other type is the inkjet printer we are familiar with. This type of printer is printed by spraying ink particles onto the paper. However, the technologies applied by different manufacturers are also different. For example, Canon inkjet printers use a method of heating the nozzles of the printhead to create a foam that allows the ink to be ejected. This technique allows the ink to be ejected to a precise position on the paper in a very precise shape.

Another type of inkjet printing technology is the micropiezoelectric printer technology used by Epson representatives. Micro-piezoelectric printer technology, thanks to the controllability of the piezoelectric components, by adjusting the pulse control of the piezoelectric components, it is possible to obtain ink droplets of different sizes, thereby realizing the use of large ink droplets under the high-resolution printing conditions of photographic paper. Printing speed, relying on small ink droplets to ensure printing accuracy under high-precision printing conditions. To put it simply, micro-piezo can eject ink at room temperature, which makes micro-piezo inkjet printers widely adaptable to pigment inks, and the printheads are more durable.


Editor’s Note: This post was Published by Proffisy on 27 Jul,2018.