How to Choose An Efficient Toner Cartridge?

- Sep 07, 2018-

How to Cchoose An Efficient Ttoner Cartridge?

Efficient but a little expensive: color laser printing supplies

Most color laser printing devices have very good imaging results and relatively good print output efficiency, but correspondingly, the consumables are more expensive. Such characteristics are more suitable for enterprises that already have a certain scale and have demand for printing efficiency, so we have seen such large-scale multi-functional machine equipment.

Speed and affordable combination: toner separation supplies

Representative manufacturer: brother

Compared with the traditional toner printing design of the laser printing consumables, the toner separation design can effectively maximize the life of the toner cartridge. When the toner is exhausted, it is not necessary to replace the entire consumables group. Only a specific toner cartridge needs to be replaced. This can save a lot of consumables costs.

Affordable color printing choice for SMEs: ink cartridge inkjet supplies

Representative manufacturers: Epson, brother

Compared to laser printing technology, inkjet printing technology is a more affordable solution for color printing. The cost of color printing can be controlled within a very very large range, while the capacity and life of its consumables are excellent. Some companies with large print volumes or home users are a very worry-free choice.

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