How to Clean a Canon Copier Drum

- Jun 15, 2018-

How to Clean a Canon Copier Drum.Proffisy share some tips wirth everyone.

Step 1

Turn off and unplug your Canon copier and wear latex work gloves to keep from getting toner and debris. There are three to four pages of newspaper on a table,to protect the surface from scattered toner.


Step 2

At the front or top of the machine, remove the toner cartridge and open the copier cartridge. The box contains a drum as part of its unit. Lay a flannel over a newspaper-covered table,or other surface, and then gently rock the cartridge over the cloth to gently lighten the toner.

How to Clean a Canon Copier Drum.jpg

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Step 3

Push the cartridge upside down over the newspaper cover and open the drum shutter, which contains the hinges. Use a spindle-side rotating drum and toner covering flannel to wipe the surface of the drum to eliminate any dust, dirt, and debris on the cake. A drum that rotates in only one direction. Work quickly to avoid exposing the drum to light. Artificial and natural light may damage the drum surface.


Step 4

 Continue to rotate until it is free, wipe any dirt on the surface of the drum. Close the drum shutter door and reinstall the cartridge Canon copier.

Things Needed

Latex or work gloves


Flannel cloth


If possible, clean your Canon copier’s drum in a room with very little light. If the drum is exposed to intense light, place the drum in a dark room for five minutes before reinstalling it in your copier.

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