How to Clean Toner Cartridge Waste Powder?

- Jun 26, 2018-

We know that the toner will gradually decrease until it is completely used up after a period of use. Most people choose to continue to add substitute toner after the toner is used up, but many people do not know that the toner cartridge will not really change when it is used. The toner is completely used up. Just like the battery on the remote control car, although the car can't move, the battery still has power on the remote control. The same is true for toner cartridges. Therefore, the toner cartridge should pay special attention to cleaning when changing powder. If not cleaned, the added toner and the original toner may form a blocky solid due to incompatibility.

The cleaning of toner residue on the toner cartridge is divided into two parts. One is the cleaning of toner cartridges, and the other is the cleaning of charging rollers and magnetic rollers. When cleaning the toner cartridge, the first thing you do is to clean the toner in the waste toner box and toner cartridge, and then use a brush to gently brush the toner remaining on the edge of the toner cartridge. Of course, you can use a blower to clean the used toner when it is not cleaned by the brush.

It should be noted that when the blower wipes the toner residue at the bottom of the toner cartridge, a large amount of toner dust will fly out to prevent other equipment from being contaminated. The operation should be performed outdoors as much as possible.

After the toner in the toner cartridge is cleaned, the toner around the toner cartridge needs to be cleaned.

After the waste toner residue in the toner cartridge and the waste toner box has been cleaned up, the waste powder residue on the charging roller and magnetic roller must be cleaned. The specific method is as follows:

When cleaning the charging roller and magnetic roller, first find the fixing screw of the charging roller and the magnetic roller, and use a screwdriver to remove the screw. Carefully remove the charge roller and magnet roller from the cartridge. Most charging rollers have plastic gears at both ends, and the gears at both ends of the charging roller must be removed before wiping.

When cleaning, use a cotton or soft cloth to clean the waste powder on the charging roller. Put the charging roller back into the drum cartridge after cleaning and screw the screws on both ends.

Manufacturers' tips: The charging roller and the drum are close to the drum core. There is a special coating on the surface of the drum core. Once the coating is damaged, the printing effect will be affected. Therefore, do not touch the drum core with a screwdriver when removing the two parts.

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