How to Dispose Toner Cartridge?

- Jan 16, 2019-

The toner cartridges commonly used in printers contain hazardous chemical waste. Make sure to follow the steps of environmental protection and safety to dispose of used toner cartridges.

Step 1

Understand how companies recycle toner cartridges and often use their raw materials to make new products, including cartridges. The toner cartridge has been removed and checked before reuse.

Step 2

Contact the cartridge manufacturer or distributor. Most cartridge manufacturers have made plans to recycle old cartridges and cartridges, and they will accept them.

Step 3

Put the toner cartridge in the appropriate bin. Do not throw the carton in the ordinary dustbin. If you live in a city house, make sure that cartridges are discarded in the "green" recycling bin. If you work in an office or study in a university, you will probably find a facility where you can discard old toner cartridges.

Step 4

Use well-known search engines to learn online about recycling and processing information of various electronic products and computer peripherals.

Step 5

Visit Proffisy's official website ( for more information on toner cartridge handling.

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Editor’s Note: This post was Published by Proffisy on 16th Jan,2018.