How to extending the life of your printer? Proffisy Toner Cartridge is your best printing solution

- Feb 03, 2018-

Consumables(Toner Cartridge or Ink Cartridge), as a continuous consumables of printing equipment, after each use, must be replaced.But in addition to the original Toner Cartridge or Ink Cartridge, compatible cartridge,ink,toner powder,fake cartridge, the choice of space is very large.Low quality toner cartridge or fake toner cartridge may also affect your printer life. This is why most printer problems are caused by consumables. So how should we do to extend the life of the printer? Here are some ways for your reference.


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1, Proper use of the printer is to extend the life of the printer's premise.When your printer is in troubles, don't blindly guess how to solve the problem, such as the emergence of cardboard, many people will be stuck in the paper pulled out,this is not correct,Try to avoid,you can find after-sales service or maintenance staff to solve.

2, Try to use high-quality toner cartridge or ink cartridge(Prroffisy high-quality toner cartridge is your best choice).Although the cost will be high, but itwill be avoided that the printer is damaged due to consumables problems. For example,plug the nozzle due to the ink,the replacement of a print head is also relatively high cost, while filling the toner may appear to burn the printer chip.

3, Regular cleaning and maintenance of the printer can effectively extend the life of the printer. For laser printers, toner protectors, paper feed rollers, air vents and other components can be regularly cleaned, and the printer can also be cleaned by purchasing a special laser printer "cleaning paper."

4, Each printer has a monthly print load, don't exceed this amount when using. If a large print volume, can be divided into multiple times to complete each print can be paused for a few minutes and then the next print, because the overload print will damage printer components.

Editor’s Note: This post was Published by Proffisy on 03 Feb,2018.