How to Fix HP LaserJet 1010 Laser Printer?

- Jul 12, 2018-

Symptom 1: After using a HP HP LaserJet 1010 laser printer for a period of time, when printing online, the paper feed is normal, but the print is not written.

Analysis and repair: We know that the HP HP LaserJet 1010 laser printer is currently using HP's unique instant fuser technology, up to 12 ppm (A4, letter) printing speed; using HP resolution enhancement technology (REt), to distinguish The rate is as high as 600dpi; the monthly print load is up to 5,000 pages, and the main product of 8 MB RAM has a certain proportion in today's party and government organs, large and medium-sized enterprises and institutions, and financial and securities services.

First check the hardware part of the computer and its peripherals (such as printing cable, printer connection bayonet, power socket, etc.); if there is no abnormality, the computer and its peripheral hardware faults can be preliminarily eliminated, so it is determined that it is HP laser. The printer itself is malfunctioning. There are no printed prints, which can be excluded one by one according to the following steps:

1. Replace the new toner cartridge first to see if the fault has disappeared. When replacing, first check if the toner seal is pulled out and the toner has run out. If the sealing strip is not pulled out or the toner has run out, it will cause no writing at all; however, if the toner in the toner cartridge runs out, the failure phenomenon is that the output sample first fades gradually in the longitudinal middle portion, and the red indicator light flashes continuously. The alarm indicates that the toner in the toner cartridge is about to be used up. The phenomenon that the print is completely absent is very rare, and it takes a long time after the image is lightened, so the reason why there is no toner in the toner cartridge is basically excluded.

2. Then check if the HP Laser Printer toner cartridge is malfunctioning. Careful inspection revealed that there was any trace of toner on the surface of the drum, so it was determined that the developing part of the printer was not defective. The problem was that the writing was transferred from the drum to the paper.

3. Finally, the electrode wire on the transfer electrode assembly was inspected, and it was found that the electrode wire did not melt and fall off, but a large amount of black leakage powder adhered to the front and rear of the electrode wire, thereby judging that the fault occurred from a large amount of charged powder leakage, so that the wire could not occur. The normal corona discharge, or the corona discharge voltage is too low, and the negatively charged developing toner cannot be adsorbed onto the paper, resulting in no writing on the printing paper.

The solution is to take a small amount of clean cotton and take a small amount of methyl ethyl ketone. Wipe gently under the shutdown state to remove the toner around the electrode wire on the transfer electrode assembly. After cleaning, use a small group of cotton to take a small amount of absolute alcohol and wipe it again. After the alcohol is evaporated, reinstall it in place. When the device is turned on, the printed text is normal, and the fault is eliminated.

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