How to Print Legal-Size Paper on Canon Copier?

- Jun 14, 2018-

How to Print Legal-Size Paper on Canon Copier? Proffisy summarized the relevant information of Canon copier printing standard size paper. Now we share with everyone.

 1. Open the paper, tray you want to add the standard size. Remove all the paper in the drawer and set this extra paper aside.

 2. Find the paper side guide in the drawer. 8 1/2 x 14-inch (or "GLL") mobile guides mark the squeeze clamp, then move the guide or by tilting the guide, remove it, and then reinstall the standard size paper in place.

 3. Add the appropriate amount of standard size paper drawers. Pay attention to the maximum stack height marked on the paper guide or the drawer itself. Do not fill in standard size paper above the maximum fill mark.

 4. Close the drawer.

 5. Press the "Additional Functions" button on the control panel. Select General Settings and click OK.

 6. Press the "-" button or the "+" button to select "Select Paper Type." Press OK.

How to Print Legal-Size Paper on Canon Copier.jpg

7. Select the drawer where you put the standard sized paper and press "OK".

8. Press the "-" or "+" button to select the paper type. On standard-size paper, you may want "plain paper." Press OK.

9. Check that "Register paper size" is selected, and then press "OK".

10. Make sure the drawer is selected. Add the standard size paper and press OK.

11. Press "-" or "+" button to select "LGL". Press OK.

12. Press the "Stop" button to exit the "Additional Functions" and return to standby mode.

13. Copy the copy job on the parameter control panel. Select the paper tray to add the standard size paper. Insert the original document into the document handler and press "Start".

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