How to Replace CF217/230/218A Series Chip?

- Jun 21, 2018-

In September 2016, HP released a new series of printers that included the M102, M132, M227 and others. These printers featured print speed 10% faster than previous generations. The cartridge structure separates the drum and toner. The automatic shutdown function can help users conserve energy. The printers also equipped with a mobile printing function and work well for daily use in medium and small enterprises.

Therefore,CF217/230/218A series toner cartridge is very hot in the market.

CF217/230/218A series toner cartridge with new compatible chip is available now.

However,CF217/230/218A series toner cartridge without chip can print the same page yield as the Original and quality printing.

How to replace CF217/203/218A series chip?

Proffisy® share some tips with everyone:

Step1: Take out original CF217/230/218A toner cartridge with OEM chip,

hp 18a.jpg

Then remove OEM chip from Original CF217/230/218A toner cartridge.


Step 2: Replace Proffisy® CF217/230/218A toner cartridge without chip,

hp 18a cf218a.jpg

Find out the chip slot in compatible Proffisy® CF217/230/218A toner cartridge without chip.

hp m132.jpg

hp cf218a.jpg

Step 3: Press the long pin of chip to the slot bottom,

hp 18 ink cartridge.jpg

Note: Long pin(Bigger chip pin) must be installed into slot bottom.


Step 4: Put Proffisy® compatible CF217/230/218A toner cartridge with chip back to printer.

hp laserjet pro m104w.jpg

Warning: When the toner powder is lower or without powder. Please ignore it and go ahead to print.

hp 18a toner.jpg

hp 18 ink.png

Finally: Compatible CF217/230/218A toner cartridge with OEM chip can be printed as Original quality.

hp 18 cartridge.jpg

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