How to Replace The Toner Cartridges Of Samsung SCX3401 Printer?

- Sep 06, 2018-

Samsung printers printed papers with uneven ink, suddenly and suddenly, and later found that the ink cartridges have no toner, and want to replace the new ink cartridges, how to replace it? Let's take a look at the detailed tutorial.

  1. Check if the new printer toner cartridge is suitable for your printer model. In the outer packaging of the powder box, there are often printer models for the powder box, check to see if it matches the model of your printer. If it matches, open the outer packaging of the powder box and take out the powder box for later use.

for samsung.jpg

2. Before loading the toner cartridge into the printer, remember to remove the toner cartridge cover. Method: Without the screw, pull it at the same time along the direction of the opening (in the direction of the arrow in the figure) and remove it directly.

for samsung toner.jpg

proffisy toner.jpg

proffisy toner cartridge.jpg

3. If the printer is powered off, you can unplug the power cord or press and hold the power button. Lift the top cover of the printer up at the illustration to expose the printer.

for samsung cartridge.jpg

4. Grasp the two places of the icon with both hands, and open the cardboard to the top, and let the cardboard and the top cover of the printer be combined. A large gap is left under the bottom to expose the old ink cartridge.

compatible for samsung toner .jpg

5. Pull the old ink cartridge handle in the direction shown in the figure and pull it upwards to remove the old ink cartridge. Pay attention to the upper and lower sides of the ink cartridge.

scx 3401.jpg

6. Put the new ink cartridge into the printer, grab the handle of the ink cartridge, press firmly, and hear a click, the new ink cartridge is installed in place, the cardboard and the cover are covered in turn, and the power is turned on, the printer can be used.

for samsung scx3401 toner.jpg

toner cartridge.jpg

7, Print the document to see the effect, clearly clear.

Editor’s Note: This post was Published by Proffisy on 6th Sep,2018.