How to Replace Toner Cartridge in Canon Copier?

- Jan 15, 2019-

When you receive a fax or a copy of a document, Canon's fax/copy machine prints text and images onto a sheet of paper using a powder substance called toner. When the toner is insufficient, you will notice striped prints or faded faxes, and eventually your documents will become unrecognizable. When the toner is exhausted, you need to manually remove the used toner cartridge and install a new toner cartridge.

1, Check the top of Canon Fax/Copier to see if your particular model has any protruding extensions on the plastic conveyor tray. If there is an extension on the model, push it down.

2, Grasp the bottom edge of the paper transfer tray at the front of the machine. Lift the tray up to reveal the rectangular plastic Toner cartridge inside the machine.

3, Grasp the handle at the top of the current cartridge and lift the cartridge upward. Pull the toner out of the machine and put it aside.

4, Put the replaced cartridge in the blank of the fax/copy machine. Make sure that the arrow near the bottom of the cartridge is down, and align the prominent guide on the left side of the cartridge with the groove inside the machine. Push the toner down until it is stuck in place.

5, Push down the paper delivery tray. If your model uses extensions, please lift the extensions.


The bottom of used toner cartridges includes warning labels about overheating. Do not touch this part of the cartridge when removing it from the machine, because if you receive any fax or print any copy recently, it may be very hot.


Editor’s Note: This post was Published by Proffisy on 15th Jan,2018.