How to Solve Epson Printer Troubleshooting?

- Jul 12, 2018-

Fault phenomenon: An Epson Epson laser printer has a significantly longer running time after self-testing after booting. After the completion, MOB5 is displayed, the green indicator lights are all off, and the connection is not printed.

Analysis and maintenance: The power-on self-test operation indicates that the mechanical part of the laser printer is basically normal. After the power is turned off, the casing is opened in turn to check the toner cartridge and toner, and no abnormality is observed. According to the fault phenomenon that the self-test running time is too long after power-on, the preliminary judgment may be related to the paper path fault. Because there is no ready-made circuit diagram and related information in the hand, the physical image of the laser printer can only be checked one by one according to the previous maintenance experience. One by one, it is found that the machine has only one circuit sensor, and the sensor is removed and measured with a multimeter ohmmeter. It is found that the resistance value of the sensor when it is inoperative or not operating is extremely unstable, thereby determining that the sensor is causing the printer to malfunction.

Since it is difficult to buy such sensors of the same type on the market, it can only be repaired. Carefully disassemble the sensor and find that its internal moving contact parts have been severely oxidized by green rust due to excessive use time. First use a tool knife to carefully scrape off the surface oxide layer, then pour a little bit of anhydrous alcohol and wash it several times. After taking it out, use a hair dryer to slowly dry it at a low temperature, and then assemble it in place (because its volume is only a few millimeters, the assembly process must be Be very careful not to damage the hook and lose the spring). Finally, the sensor is loaded into the laser printer and then restarted for trial operation. The online printing is normal and the fault is eliminated.

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