How To Solve The Problem Of Color Offset In SHARP Copier?

- May 22, 2018-

How To Disable Offset Copying on Sharp Copier .jpg

Error analysis:

The print color shift is generally caused by the following conditions:

Remove the cartridge;

Attaching too much toner powder or dirt around the transfer belt and the drum;

There is dirt inside the transfer belt sensor;


Method 1: in the state of the printer's shutdown, first clean the transfer belt sensor, and then clean the dirt on the surface of the selenium drum and the transfer belt. After the machine is reinstalled, the printing may be restored to normal.

Method 2: If method 1 can't solve the problem of color deviation, you need to enter the maintenance mode for color correction.

There are 3 ways to enter the maintenance mode of SHARP color copier:

The first way:

Step 1: When the copier is ready, press the [Menu] key twice to enter the interface for printing the remaining quantity of consumables;

Step 2: Click on the bottom right of the screen, a numeric keypad interface will pop up;

Step 3: Pull out the paper box 1;

Step 4: Enter 7#2*6 to enter the maintenance mode.

Second ways:

Execute step one or two in the first way, then enter #*0C to enter maintenance mode.

Third ways:

Execute step one or two in the first way, then enter #*C* to enter maintenance mode.

For example, SHARP MX-3640 color correction operation is shown in the following figure:

Copier Maintenance, Servicing .jpg

Start the machine and enter the menu interface.

sharp toner recycling .jpg

Click the [Menu] button twice as shown in Figure 1, enter the interface for printing the status of remaining supplies, and then click on the character in the lower right corner, as shown in Figure 2.

sharp toner refill .jpg

Pull out paper box 1.

sharp toner collection container .jpg

Enter 7#2*6 to enter maintenance mode.

sharp toner waste box .jpg

Select No.50 to enter No.22 for color correction.


Click [EXECUET] to perform color correction. After the calibration is completed, click [EXIT] to exit. The printer will automatically restart and the color will return to normal after the printer restarts.

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