HP Q6470A Toner Cartridge Does Not Engage with HP LASERJET CP3505 Printer

- Sep 05, 2018-

If you receive the "Toner cartridge not engaged" issue, especially the 10.92.XX error code with your HP Laser Jet CP3505 series printer. Then you have two possible reasons to consider. First, the door is not closed properly; second, the flange on each side of the toner is not depressed. For details, read further below to learn more about this issue.

What does the 1092.xx error mean?

It refers to a printer problem where the ink cartridges are not properly engaged. The last two digits or "XX" determine which cartridge is experiencing an error. •1092.00 (black).1092.01 (cyan).1092.02 (magenta)-1092.03 (yellow)

What caused it?

If the front door of the printer is not completely closed, I mean it is not securely locked, then one of the HP Q6470A cartridges may not be properly placed. This is very common for people who have recently changed toner.

All you have to do is take the bullet out of the machine and see if you can close the front door securely. If it clicks in place, then you get the answer to your dilemma. Try to recolor the cartridges back to their slots, this time more carefully. Slide one from black, push it forward, and repeat the process until the last bullet. Once you have finished all the toner, check if the door can be closed. Let us hope that it can solve this problem. You can turn this device on and let it read for about half a minute to see if the "ink cartridge is not engaged" error has disappeared.

If the above recommendation is not a solution, then it must be a component-related issue. Open the front cover of the printer, try removing the toner and find a plastic boss (usually white) on the right side of each slot. Closing the lid without reapplying the toner will cause the flange to move up. These are also known as cartridge locks, and if any one of them is damaged, there is a high probability of getting such an error. Please refer to the picture below for reference to understand the appearance of the window sill.

Unfortunately, changing this component is cumbersome, but you have no choice but to replace it or send it to someone who is technically familiar with the task. Although you have to pay the service fee and the price of the parts they replace.


 Editor’s Note: This post was Published by Proffisy on 5th Sep,2018.