Is It Safe to Extend the Life of the Toner Cartridge by Shaking and Replacing?

- Jul 24, 2018-

Most home and small printers use combination toner cartridges. Cartridges contain not only toner, but also imaging drums and developer. The imaging drum can create an electrostatic version for your image. The developer recharges a small amount of carbon powder statically and applies it to the charged part of the drum. Then the image drum is rolled on the paper onto the paper, and the image is transferred to the paper.

When replacing the toner cartridge, replace the imaging drum and the developer. If you plan to shake the cartridge, it's important to use a developer to damage the cartridge, but if you want to change it in a few days, you don't have to worry about the damage when you get a new toner box.

Of course, if you have ever swallowed the toner cartridge, you may know other risks - the toner may leak out of the toner cartridge. Toner powders are very fine - the diameters of individual particles can be 12 to 5 microns (microns), making them like dust. If you breathe in, they can put on your clothes, your eyes or your lungs.

The toner should be washed with cold water and circulate. Carbon powder is designed to melt permanently into paper, so you have to avoid exposing clothes to hot weather - like summer sun - until you wash out the carbon powder.

Toner in your eyes will dry your eyes quickly. If not treated in time, it will cause potential harm. Ordinary carbon powder is only plastic or wax, so it is nontoxic to eyes, but should be washed with cold water immediately to prevent dry eye injury.

The toner of the lungs is a real problem. If you inhale carbon powder, just like inhaling dust, you will start coughing immediately. Toner sticks to the inner surface of the lungs and inhibits the body's ability to absorb oxygen. In the unlikely event, you inhaled the largest amount of toner, please dial 911 for immediate treatment. Toner is nontoxic. As long as you overcome your initial cough, your body will clear its lung residues. (but if you have doubts, seek treatment.)

To avoid a problem without wearing a safety spectacle or looking like a fool, just breathe in, put the toner in a place away from you, turn your face in another direction, shake it, turn around slowly, and restart the breathing carbon in the air.

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