Kyocera FS-1800 Error c0180 Solution

- Jun 05, 2018-

Description of error: The Kyocera Kyocera FS-1800/1801/2200/2201 series printer has an abnormality or irregular operation of personnel. As a result, the data in the main board is in error or the data is initialized, and the error c0180 is reported.

Kyocera FS 1800.jpg


Enter maintenance mode and implement U004 (Machine No.) to restore the serial number backed up in the EEPROM.

The operation method is as follows

fs 1801.jpg

In the standby mode, press the number key: 10871087 enter the maintenance mode selection to U004

Kyocera toner.jpg

First select the second item "Machine No. (ENG)" Press OK to execute

kyocera p6021.jpg

Then select the third item "Execute" and press OK to execute

Kyocera cartridge.jpg

Last shutdown to restart the printer back to normal

Note: The first method cannot clear the code. The machine serial number has been changed or the motherboard engine firmware has failed. The printer firmware needs to be updated.

When the power is turned off, an SD card (usually only Kyocera technicians and service personnel have firmware) is inserted into the SD card slot of the machine to update the firmware in the motherboard.

The firmware update is as follows:

Kyocera printer.jpg

kyocera copier.jpg

Turn off the power, remove the SD card, and then turn on the power, at this time the machine will still report the code c0180, and then repeat the method described at the beginning of the article to eliminate the error code.

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