Laser Printer : Largest Format

- Mar 28, 2018-

As the name implies, the print format is the printable area of the printer. The so-called maximum print format refers to the maximum paper size that a laser printer can print. At present, the laser printer's printing format is mainly A3, A4, A5 and other formats. The larger of printer's print size, the larger of range of printing. The size of the print format is also a measure of the printer's important performance indicators. At present, the printers suitable for the workgroup users and departmental users are mostly A4 format or A3 format products. When choosing, you can choose the corresponding print format according to your printing needs.

Different types of printers can deal with different print formats, but under normal circumstances, the printer can handle the print format mainly includes A4 format and A3 format. However, there are some special formats. For example, when dealing with banner printing or digital image processing printing tasks, it is possible to use printers with A0 format. In particular, print users who have professional output requirements, such as engineering blueprints, advertising design, etc., need to consider the use of A2 or larger format printers.

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