Network Printing Process

- Mar 21, 2018-

Network printer to access the network, there must be a network interface, there are currently two access methods, one is the printer comes with a print server, the print server has a network interface, just insert the network cable to allocate IP addresses on it; One is that the printer uses an external print server. The printer is connected to the print server through a parallel or USB port. The print server is then connected to the network.

Network printers generally have management and monitoring software. Through management software, they can remotely view and intervene in print tasks and set the configuration parameters of the printer. At present, most network printing management software is based on the WEB method, which is simple and quick. Through the monitoring software, users can view the print job, printer's working status, and other information. General management software is used by network management or advanced users, and ordinary users all have printer monitoring functions.

Network printing is a must-have feature for workgroup and departmental printers, because the ease of management and high transfer rate of network connections have obvious advantages for workgroups and departmental users, affecting the performance of the printer's network printing capabilities. The two important aspects are the network print server and network management software. A complete network printer's network print server is not just a network adapter. It must optimize the network connection performance according to the printing needs. It also needs to be well matched with the printer's internal controller, and it must also have certain network traffic management. And print queue management capabilities, can adapt to a variety of network environments. A good network management software, such as HP WebJetAdmin, can be used under a variety of platforms. Users can use it to achieve all-around management and control of the printer, and can also be upgraded in time through the network.


Editor’s Note: This post was Published by Proffisy on 21 Mar,2018.