OPC Drum Maintenance and Role

- Feb 27, 2018-

Drum maintenance

1. Do not touch OPC drum surface by hand;

2. Do not use chemical reagents (such as alcohol) to wipe OPC drum surface;

3. Do not bump the OPC drum surface with hard objects;

4. Be careful not to let staples like office supplies with the print media into the printer;

5. Remove the toner cartridge from the machine or remove the OPC drum and place it in a dark place, preferably with a newspaper or other cover. If the drum surface scratches, hit the paper will have black marks;

6. Use uniform fine quality toner, because bad toner will wear bad drum core.

Drum OPC role

From the basic structure of the laser printer and imaging principles to see the role of Drum core:

From the working principle of imaging, laser printer imaging is the first computer to convert the print signal into a pulse signal, and then sent to the laser. At this moment, the charging roller of the laser printer has finished charging the surface of the drum core evenly, the laser injects the laser to cancel the charge of the image area on the drum core, thus forming an invisible electrostatic image on the drum core and passing the toner on the magnetic roller through the static electricity Principle adsorption to the drum core, this time will be able to use the naked eye to observe the image on the drum core. After the transfer by the transfer roller, due to the transfer roller with a voltage higher than the voltage on the drum core, the toner on the drum core is pulled onto the paper, this time the paper has formed we want to print Graphic, but the toner is floating on the paper surface, the hand can gently wipe off, so through the fixing, that is, heating and pressure to melt the toner into the fiber paper, and finally the entire imaging process Will achieve.

Drum OPC can be said to be the heart of the operation of the cartridge, high-quality drum core print quality has a great impact.


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