Primary charge roller classification and requires characteristics

- Mar 01, 2018-

Charging roller classification

Charge roller is divided into soft stick and hard roller

Soft stick: It consists of metal shaft, conductive sponge and rubber cover

Hard roller: the metal shaft, conductive rubber composition

Charging roller requires characteristics

In order for the charging device to obtain the ideal charging effect, the charging device is required to have the following conditions:

1. It can make the surface of photoconductor drum with proper density, uniform distribution and correct polarity of static charge within the stipulated time.

2. As the conditions of use and the surrounding environment will change (temperature and humidity changes), therefore, requires charging device should have a certain adjustment range, or that the charging device should have a certain stability in environmental changes such as temperature and humidity changes In order to eliminate, reduce or compensate for the environmental factors on the quality of printed products.

3. Requires charging device durability, safe and reliable.

4. When the power supply voltage fluctuations, the charging device output characteristics should remain basically unchanged.

5. Charging device and load (air gap, optical conductor, etc.) impedance should match.

6. Do not damage the photoconductor drum (breakdown) or accelerate the photoconductor drums due to the charging device.

In addition, high-quality charge rollers should have: appropriate volume resistivity and uniform resistance distribution, appropriate hardness and surface roughness so that the charging roller is in full contact with the photoconductor drum and the pressure is uniform, the material constituting the charging roller varies with the environment such as temperature and Humidity changes the nature of stability, so that the required charge voltage to a minimum, uniform charging, charging roller performance is stable, will not cause damage to the photoconductor drum, resulting in good image effect and long service life. Original charging roller design life is 2-3 cycles, if the maintenance is good can use 3-4 cycles.

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