Printing method Of Fax Machine

- May 14, 2018-

The printing (recording) method refers to the printing method used when the fax machine receives a document. Popular fax machines now include thermal recording, thermal transfer recording, laser recording, and inkjet recording. The thermal recording thermal paper is used as a carrier, and the thermal paper is discolored by the heat of the thermal hair. In other methods, plain paper is used as a carrier, and laser recording is performed by irradiating the cartridge with a laser beam to attach the toner to the copy paper; inkjet recording is performed using liquid ink on the copy paper through the inkjet head; and the thermal transfer recording is performed by Thermal head heating ribbons are printed on copy paper. Thermal recording and thermal transfer recording are generally applicable to facsimile machines using thermal paper, and laser recording and inkjet recording are applicable to plain paper facsimile machines.

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