Product Upgrade Notification Replacement Chips for HP CF500/CF244 Series

- May 21, 2019-

According to the chip supplier's notice , their monitoring found that the replaceable chip failure to recognize by HP Laser Jet Pro M154nw printer that manufactured in December 2018 : the toner cartridge’s indicators and printer’s warning lights flashed and the computer display error. After analysis ,it is found  that HP has made upgrading on their newly produced printers. The same series of models including CF500/CF510/CF530/CF540/CF244/CF247/CF248 may have the risk .

【Proffisy Recommended Solution】

1. For the issue that HP CF500/CF244 series replacement chips might not workable on the upgraded firmware ,our chip manufacturer is working on the upgrading chip and made testing now . Proffisy will follow up the progress of chip upgrade all the time, and will notify after completion.

2. For the CF500/CF244 series products in stock ,please decide whether to continue sales according to local market feedback.

If there is no bad feedback in the market , there are still a large quantity of un-upgraded printers in the market, it is recommended to arrange sales as soon as possible to reduce inventory risk .

If you have already sold and have feedback that no-recognize in the printers, you can contact our sales manager to provide the upgraded chip for replacement .

3.For orders that have been determined and in production , please evaluate whether to accept the risk or choose to ship without chip according to market feedback,the chip will be sent separately.

4. For HP CF217/CF230/CF237/CF450 series products that have not found the upgrade risk , they can be ordered and shipped normally, but it is recommended to control the inventory according to the market demand.

【Models Involved for Upgrading】

proffisy for hp cf500 cf244a update.jpg

Chips update risk】

We could make sure to use the confirmed (the old version or the latest Version ) chips before your shipments. If any firmware upgrade by OEM after our shipment, we will follow the general rule in the compatible industry to provide help for solutions .

Editor’s Note: This post was Published by Proffisy on 21th May,2019