Proffisy Distinctive Ricoh Compatible Mpc2500 Color Copier Laser Toner

- Aug 15, 2018-

Proffisy Distinctive Ricoh Compatible Mpc2500 Color Copier Laser Toner

  • Model NO.: MPC2500/3000

  • Specie: Toner Cartridge

  • Specification: Regular, Toner cartridge: 20pcs/CTN, Empty: 60pcs/CTN

  • Color: Cmyk

  • Toner Weight: Bk:450g C, M, Y:360g

  • Contain Chip: Yes

  • Packaging Box: Proffisy Box with or Without Printing

  • Warranty: 18 Months

  • Transport Package: Proffisy Packing

  • Feature: Compatible

  • Combination: Integration

  • Used for: Aficio Mpc2000/2000SPF/2500/2500SPF/3000/3000SPF

  • Toner Powder: Japan Powder

  • Page Yield: Bk:20k C, M, Y:15k

  • Material: Plastic

  • Deliver Time: in 7 Working Days

  • Trademark: Proffisy

  • Origin: Guangdong, China

Product Description

MP C2500/3000 for Ricoh Compatible Color Copier Laser Printer Cartridge Toner

Model No.: MP C2500/3000
Compatible for: Aficio MPC2000/2000SPF/2500/2500SPF/3000/3000SPF 
Colour: CMYK
Toner weight: : BK:450g  C,M,Y:360g
Page Yield: BK:20K C,M,Y:15K

Printing Technology: Laser
Delivery date: 7-15 working days
MOQ: Sample order is accepted.

mp c2500/3000 for ricoh compatible copier.jpg

With more than 14 years experience, we are one of the biggest manufacturers for printers and copiers toner cartridge in China. Our products, brand name Proffisy of our own, are compatible with Kyocera, Ricoh, Canon, Sharp, Konica Minolta, Panasonic, Toshiba, Xerox, Epson, Lexmark, Utax, Brother...etc.

We are seeking for Agent all over the world.

Our main products are:
Empty Cartridge,
Finished toner cartridge with toner
Bottled powder
Empty bottle for powder

Our main markets include:
North America
South America
Southeast Asia
MID East
Domestic market
Total Annual Sales Volume: US$5 million - US$10 million
Export Percentage: Above 90%

1. Competitive price and high quality.
2. Brand new raw material
3. Japanese toner powder
4.1: 1 replacement for defective in materials or workmanship
5. Develop new products regularly.
6. Attend the Paperworld Frankfurt, ReChina Asia, RemaxAsia and other international EXPO every year.

ModelUsed for
 1140D/1220DAficio 1015/1018/1018D 
Gestetner 1312 /1502/1802/1802D 
Lanier 5515 /5518/5618/LD013 
Nashuatec 1505/1805/1805D 
Savin 2515/2518/2518D 
1130D/ 1230D/1610DAficio 2015/2016/2018/2018D/2020/2020D/MP1600 /MP1600SPF/MP2000/MP2000L/MP2000SPF
Gestetner DSM615/616/618/618D/620/620D/716/716SPF
Lanier LD115/118/118D/120/120D/316L/320D/320DL/320DSPF 
Nashuatec MP1600 /MP1600L / MP2000 
Savin 4015/4018/4018D/8016/8020/8020D/9016/9016S/9016SPF  /9021/9021D/9021DS/9021DSPF
 1170D/1270DAficio 1515/1515F/1515MF /MP161/161F/161SPF/171/171F/171SPF /201F/201SPF
Gestetner DSM415/415F/415PF/416/416F/416PF
Lanier LD015/015F/015SPF/016/016F/016SPF/117/117F/117SPF  /LD220F /LD220SPF 
Savin 3515/3515F/3515MF/816/816F/816MF/917/917F/917SPF       /920F/920SPF
2500DAficio MP2500/MP2500SP/MP2500SPF 
Lanier LD125/125SPF
Nashuatec MP2500 / MP2500SP 
Gestetner DSM625 / Savin 7025SPF 
 3110D/3210DAficio 2035/2045/3035/3045
Gestetner 3532/4235G/4245G/4532/  DSM635/645/735/745
Lanier LD035/045/135/145/235/245
Savin 4035/4045/4135/4145/8035/8045
4500DAficio MP3500/4000/4001/4002/4500/5000/5001/5002
Gestetner DSM735E / DSM745E 
Lanier LD040/050/140/150/335/345/  MP4002 /MP5002
Savin 8035E/8045E/9040/9050/9240/9250/ MP4002 /MP5002
5100D/5200DRicoh Aficio 550/650
5105D         5205D/5305DAficio 1055/ 551/700
Gestetner 3270/ 3355 /3370 /5502
 6110D/6210DAficio 1060/1075/2051/2060/2075  /MP5500/6000/6001/6002/6500/ 7000/7001/7500/7502/8000/8001/9001/9002 / SP9100DN
Gestetner 6002/7502/  DSM651/660/675/755/765/775/  MP6000/6001/7000/7001/8000/8001  /P7575/P7575 
IBM Infoprint 2060ES/ IBM Infoprint 2075ES 
Lanier LD060/075/151/160/175/255/260/265/270/275/280/360/370/ 380/390 /  MP6002/7502/9002
Nashuatec MP6000/7000/8000
Savin 2560/2575/4051/4060/4075/8055/8060/8065/8070/8075 /8080 /9060/9070/9080/9090/MLP175N/  MP6002/7502/9002
8105D/8205DRicoh Aficio 1085/1105/2090/2105
Gestetner 8502/9002   Nashuatec D10505/D8505
IBM Infoprint 2085/2090ES/2105/2105ES 
Lanier 5685/5705/ LD0105/LD090
Savin 25105/2585/4105/4090
Toshiba E STUDIO 1050/900
2120D/2220DAficio 1022/1027/1032/2022/2027/2032/3025/3030 /MP2352SP /2510/2550/2851/2852/3010/3350/3351/3352/2553/3053/3553 
Gestetner 2212/2712 /DSM622/627/725/730/  MP2550 /3350 
Nashuatec MP2550/MP3350  /Lanier MP2553 
Savin 2522/2527/2532/4022/4027/8025/8030/9025/9033/9228/ 9233 /MP2352SP/2553/2852/3352
8135DAficio MP1100/1350/9000/ Pro 1107/1157/906/907/ PRO 1357
Gestetner DSM7110/7135/790/  Pro 1107EX /907EX 
Lanier LD1110/1135/190/Pro 907EX /  Nashuatec Pro 906EX 
Savin 8090/8110/8135/  Pro 1107/1357/907EX
Toshiba E STUDIO 1101/1351/1355/905
Lanier MP2501SP  / Savin MP2501SP 
Lanier MP301SPF 
Savin MP301SPF 
SP8200Aficio SP8200DN/ SP8300DN
Lanier SP8200DN/LP150N 
Savin SP8300DN/MLP 150DN
MP3554Copier MP2554/3054/3554/2554SP/3054SP/3554SP
MP6054Copier MP4054/ MP5054/ MP6054/ MP4054SP/ MP5054SP/ MP6054SP
SP4400 (RX)Aficio SP4400S/4410SF/4420SF
SP4510 SP3600DN/3600SF/3610SF/4510DN/4510SF/SP4500
SP6400 SP6400/6410/6420/6430/6440M/6430M/6420M/
MP2014Aficio MP2014/MP2014D
MP C2500/3000Aficio MPC2000/2000SPF/2500/2500SPF/3000/3000SPF  
Gestetner DSC520/ DSC525/DSC530 
Lanier LD420C/LD425C/LD430C/LD430CSPF 
Savin C2020/ C2525 /C3030 
MP C2550/2551Aficio MPC2030 /MPC2050 /MPC2050SPF /MPC2051 /MPC2550 /MPC2550SPF /MPC2551 
Lanier LD520C /LD520CL/LD520CSPF/LD525C/ LD525CSPF/LD620C /LD625C 
Savin C9020/C9020L/C9020SPF/C9025/C9025SPF/C9120/C9125 
MP C3300Aficio MPC 2800/MPC3300 
Gestetner MPC2800/MPC3300 
Lanier LD528C /LD533C 
Savin C2828/ C3333 
MP C4500Aficio MPC MPC3500/MPC3500E1/MPC3500SPF/MPC4500 /MPC4500E1 /MPC4500SPF
Gestetner DSC535/DSC545 /MPC3500E1 /MPC4500E1 
Lanier LD435C / LD445C 
Savin C3535/Savin C4540/ Savin C4540SPF 
MP C5000Aficio MPC 4000/MPC4000SPF/MPC5000/MPC5000SPF 
Lanier LD540C/LD550C 
Savin C4040/C4040SPF/C5050/C5050SPF 
SP C811Aficio  SPC811DN 
Gestetner C7640ND /Lanier LP440C /Savin CLP240D 
SP C821Aficio  SPC820DN /SPC821DN 
Lanier LP540C / LP550C 
Savin CLP340D / CLP350D 
MP C7500                                                                   Aficio MPC6000/MPC6000SP/MPC7500/MPC7500SP 
Lanier LD260C /Lanier LD275C 
Savin C6055 /Savin C7570 
MP C3260/5560Aficio C3260/5560/SDC555/LC155
MP C7501Aficio MPC6501SP/ MPC7501SP
Lanier LD365C/LD375C 
Savin C9065 /C9075 
SP C410Aficio CL4000DN/SPC410DN/SPC411DN/SPC420DN
Gestetner C7425DN /C7526DN/C7531DN
Lanier LP125CX /LP126CN /LP226CN/LP231CN/LP331CN 
SP C430        Aficio SPC430/SPC431DN 
Lanier LP137CN /LP142CN 
Savin CLP37DN /CLP42DN 
SP C830Aficio SPC830/SPC831DN 
Lanier SPC830DN /SPC831DN 
Savin SPC830DN /SPC831DN 
MP C3501Aficio MPC3001 /MPC3501 
Lanier LD630C /LD635C 
Savin C9130 /C9135 
MP C5501Aficio MPC4501/MPC5501 
Savin C5050 /C5050SPF/C9145/C9155 
MP C3502Aficio MPC3002 / MPC3502 
Lanier MPC3002 / MPC3502 
Savin MPC3002 / MPC3502 
MP C5502Aficio MPC4502 / MPC5502 
Lanier MPC5502 / Savin MPC5502 
MP C305Aficio MPC305SPF 
Lanier MPC305SPF / Savin MPC305SPF / MPC305SP
MP C2503MP C2003SP/C2003ZSP/2503SP/2503ZSP/1803/MPC2011SP
MP C3503MPC3003 / MPC3503 
Lanier MPC3003 / MPC3503 
Savin MPC3003 / MPC3503 
MP C6003MP C4503/5503/6003
Lanier MPC4503 / MPC5503 / MPC6003 
Savin MPC4503 / MPC5503 / MPC6003 
MP C300/C400Aficio MPC300/MPC300SR/MPC400 /MPC400SR / MPC401 / MPC401SR
Lanier LD130C/LD130CSR/LD140C/LD140CSR/MPC401/MPC401SR
Savin C230/C230SR/C240 /C240SR /MPC401 / MPC401SR
SP C730SP C730DN
SP C440SP C440DN/441DN
Lanier LP137CN/LP142CN
Savin CLP37DN /CLP42DN 

Editor’s Note: This post was Published by Proffisy on 15 Aug,2018.