Proffisy Supply: All-in-one cartridge (Toner and Drum Unit)

- Jan 30, 2018-

The Best Performance with Proffisy Compatible and Remanufactured Supplies.

Proffisy supplies are designed to optimize printer performance and provide the highest  print quality consistently .

Using poor quality supplies may result in poor print quality or damage to the machine.

To reduce costs, the purchase of low-quality supplies can  result in a higher total cost of ownership eventually , as these supplies can cause change  toner cartridge frequently and can cause malfunctions that can affect operations.


Three reasons why Proffisy recommends Compatible and Remanufactured supplies

Stable and Lasting Llife Expectancy

Proffisy toner design is match to the original printer structure.

By using Proffisy Toner, customers can enjoy longer printer life, minimizing the total cost.

The use of low-quality supplies can result in extremely expensive conditions, such as printer failure, high maintenance costs, and operational interruptions.

The Premium Quality Printing

Using toner that does not match the machine may result in poor print quality. For example, toner particles having poor toner adhesion or unnecessary toner remain inside the machine.

If you purchase Proffisy Compatible and Remanufactured consumables, you are assured of reliable quality as they undergo rigorous inspection and high quality control.

The Importance of Printing Mechanisms and Proffisy Supplies


All-in-one cartridge means that the toner and imaging unit are formed to a unit together. Cartridges also contain other important components that play an important role in maintaining print quality and printer life. Because there is only one consumable, changing toner faster and easier.

The main conponents contained:


Photosensitive Drum                         

Charging Roller

Developing Roller

Cleaning Blade

Toner Supply Units

A simple ink cartridges contains a OPC , which is an important part of the toner cartridge, but it also contains several components that have other important roles.

Cartridges are made electronically and chemically in order to copy the image of the data to be printed on the paper faithfully .

In order to maximize image quality, it is important that the printer characteristics match the toner and drum as closely as possible.

1. After the printer is applied voltage, the charging unit releases the electric power so that the entire surface of the OPC drum is uniformly charged.

2. The laser projects the print data onto the drum surface and then chemically reacts on the drum surface. Due to the repetition of this projection process, the surface of the OPC drum is made of a material that provides the best match to the wavelength of the laser of the printer itself, in view of durability.

Editor’s Note: This post was Updated by Proffisy on 30 Jan,2018.