Should I Buy a Inkjet or a Laser Printer?

- Feb 05, 2018-

When deciding whether to use an ink jet printer or a laser printer, it is a good idea to evaluate several factors before making a purchase. Here are some things to keep in mind to help you decide if an inkjet or laser printer will serve you.

One of the main considerations when considering inkjet and laser printers is the expected usage of the device. Inkjet printers work very well for the relatively low requirements of mainly textual documents. Also, the occasional use of a certain color can be handled well with an inkjet printer. However, inkjet printers are not designed for mass production every day. In addition, when the print volume is high, the cost of the new ink cartridge may be too high. The ink cartridge of the inkjet type printer does not last that long at all.

For everyday environments with high usage, there is no doubt that laser printers are the better choice. Laser printers can withstand repeated daily use and large print jobs. In addition, ink cartridges manufactured for laser printers will produce more pages than printed for inkjet printers. When it comes to laser printers, color is also a factor. Laser printers simply produce higher quality color images or images, which makes printing work when it comes to printing sales brochures or sending large volumes of mail to customers. Volume usage is a key factor when deciding whether to buy an inkjet or laser printer.

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