Small Body ,Large Capacity For HP CC388A is Available in Proffisy

- Jun 19, 2018-

For HP CC388A is a black laser toner cartridge for desktop printers HP LaserJet p1007 and p1008,capacity up to 2000 pages. HP P1007 and p1008 printers are are very convenient to use, so that CC388A toner cartridge is also hot in the market. HP CC388A shell is very small, print quality is very clear,and it is more cost-effective, suitable for soho small business use.

CC388A cartridge sales in the market is second only to the 12A cartridge. 

At present, the latest price of cc388a in is available. You can click this link to order if you are interested.

cc388a toner.jpg

Editor’s Note: This post was Updated by Proffisy on 19 Jun,2018.