The Printer Always Shows A Solution That Cannot Be Printed Offline

- Aug 10, 2018-

The printer shows offline. How can I solve this problem? Proffisy will introduce some methods to solve this problem.

1. Open the interface of [Printer and Fax], and the FX DocuPrint C3055 printer will display offline status.

2. Right click on the FX DocuPrint C3055 printer icon and select [View what is printing now].

3, Pop up the following dialog box.

4, network printer, ping printer address to ensure that the network is connected.

5. Right-click the print task in the dialog box to cancel the task being printed; then open C:\WINDOWS\system3\spool\PRINTERS to delete the contents of the folder.

6. Right click on the computer desktop computer icon, select Manage, restart [Service]: Print Spooler, Server, Workstation, etc.

7. After the service restart is completed, reprint with the printer.

8. If the above method still cannot print, right click on the printer icon and select [Print Server Properties] that appears.

9, Find the driver of the corresponding printer, and then delete.

10. After the deletion is complete, reinstall the network printer.

11, if you reinstall the printer, or not; then the last trick can only reinstall the computer system.

printer offline.jpg

Editor’s Note: This post was Published by Proffisy on 10 Aug,2018.