The Processed Paper Type of The Laser Printer Printing

- Mar 27, 2018-

There are some kinds of paper: ordinary printing paper (including ordinary envelopes), glossy photo paper (including postcards) and so on.

1, ordinary printing paper

The simplest and most common print media is none other than those special plain papers, which are the print papers that we normally use to print all kinds of text files.

Glossy photo paper

This glossy photo paper is mainly used to print color pictures, and it is also very suitable for making greeting cards. This kind of paper has a shiny, white surface, and should be printed on this side of the screen. The effect is excellent.

3, fiber paper

Fiber paper is a pure cotton fabric that can be embroidered on it. First, the embroidered sample is printed on the printer, and then the embroidering work can be performed according to the sample. Fiber paper can currently be used on many types of printers produced by Canon.

4, T-shirt transfer media

It is not difficult to print your favorite pattern on a T-shirt. If you have Canon's T-shirt transfer media, we can print a pattern on the T-shirt transfer media and lay it flat on a T-shirt. After a few seconds of ironing at a temperature high enough to remove the medium while hot, this personalized DIY T-shirt was completed. Since the T-shirt transfer media has special requirements for ink, the common printers that can currently use such ink cartridges are BJC-265SP, BJC-6000, BJC-4310SP, BJC-4650, and the like.

5, transparent sticker

This adhesive sticker pattern is printed on the surface of the sticker. It will not fade or fade due to a long time or friction. Therefore, it is most suitable for sticking on items such as pencil cases, jewel cases, etc.

6, three-dimensional stickers

Canon's new stereo sticker, after being ironed by the iron, will show a special three-dimensional effect. If viewed through a transparent vessel filled with water, the stereoscopic stickers are more animated and interesting because of the unbalanced optical magnification. Therefore, this medium is also suitable for sticking on transparent objects such as glassware.


Editor’s Note: This post was Published by Proffisy on 27 Mar,2018.