Three Essential Elements For Achieving Print Color Accuracy

- Sep 15, 2018-

Inkjet printing equipment has been widely used in the advertising production industry. In the choice of printing equipment, users are pursuing higher printing accuracy, faster printing speed, more stable performance, and a crucial factor. Color accuracy and richness of inkjet printing.

How to achieve the color standard of inkjet printing? The following three major elements are essential: high-quality inkjet printing equipment; high-quality original inks choose a high-standard RIP printing program (including ICC curves for driving and ink-out schemes).

The following is a detailed combing:

1, inkjet printing equipment

The accuracy of the color display of the advertising screen can better reflect the color gamut effect of the advertising screen. The inkjet technology can achieve the ideal application effect in the printing industry, and must meet the high requirements of the industry for color accuracy.

2, ink

In order to ensure the accuracy of color, in addition to high-precision printing technology support, high-quality ink is also required. The choice of ink, and the color gamut correction of the printing device, the ink curve and the color scheme adjustment of the device have a certain relationship. The correct ink selection will make the output image of the printing device closer to the original picture, achieving better color reproduction. Rich color expression.

A high-quality ink, each color should be close to the theoretically specified printing color. However, there are some differences in the color of the ink on the actual market. This difference is caused by the difference in ink materials, the production process technology, and whether or not the printing color standards are strictly adhered to. Today's print output software (RIP) features are strong, basically have a strong color adjustment function, with excellent performance of the inkjet printing device and output software (RIP), through the software to finely adjust the color to get excellent images Output quality for better color accuracy.

3, RIP

In the operation of inkjet devices, if you use high-quality ink, high-performance printing equipment, and a high-standard software combination, you will be able to achieve a more perfect color effect on the printed image. Because a ready-made ink curve is an inkjet scheme that prints settings for a particular situation (eg, a particular ink, a particular inkjet printer, a particular print medium). Therefore, in the selection of consumables for inkjet printing equipment, it is recommended that the user select and use the original ink provided by the manufacturer or the recommended high quality ink. Because the original ink of the printing device is tested and corrected by the color field of the printing device and the ink, the inkjet printing device is provided with the best ICC curve. Select original ink to achieve better color reproduction. Other inferior inks did not follow the printing color standard very well, and did not achieve a better color curve correction, so the color difference was large when printing.

Therefore, in the color accuracy of inkjet printing equipment, the three core factors of inkjet printout quality are: high-quality inkjet printing equipment, high-quality original ink selection, high-standard RIP printing program (including driving, ink-out scheme) ICC curve, etc., the unification of the three can achieve the high-quality color effect of the picture.

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