Toner Cartridge Environmental Recycling: Repairing Road

- Jul 11, 2018-

There are a lot of used consumables. If calculated in quantities, the number of printer supplies exhausted worldwide each year is a very conservative estimate. This also brings the question: how to recycle and reuse? Canberra, Australia gives a whole new idea.

After the adoption of the carbon footprint bill, environmental protection requirements are becoming more stringent. Australia is no exception. A large number of toner cartridges are recycled every year. Plastic parts and metal parts are generally recycled and reused. However, there may be some toner in them, and the particles are very small. It is definitely not environmentally friendly when discharged directly into the environment. Canberra's plan is: repair the road.


Everyone knows how to repair the road, using asphalt. Canberra's approach is to add non-toner toner to the asphalt of the road. According to reports, 0.5% of the asphalt used for paving this test is from the residual toner in the recycled toner cartridge. It is said that after the incorporation of carbon powder, the temperature of the asphalt is 40 degrees lower (possibly Fahrenheit) than before. This is seen as a win-win result: the recycled toner has a place to go, and the cost of paving the road is lower because of the lower temperature required for the asphalt.

proffisy toner.jpg

In this test, 2.2 tons of recycled toner was used to incorporate 164 tons of asphalt. It is said that in the future it is possible to consider increasing the proportion of blending to a higher proportion of toner consumption. Canberra has laid 750,000 square meters of asphalt roads in the past six months, so it doesn't matter how to deal with the toner in the toner cartridges!

Editor’s Note: This post was Published by Proffisy on 11 Jul,2018.