About toner cartridges in HP color laser printer

- Jan 26, 2018-

The biggest difference between a color laser printer and a black-and-white laser printer is that the color laser printer uses C (Cyan, M), Y (Yellow) K (Black) Powder to achieve full-color printing, color for a page of color CMYK to reconcile the realization of a page of content through the CMYK 4-color toner, a print process. In theory, color laser printers have four identical sets of monochrome laser printers to implement a color printing process.

In order to streamline the organization and save costs, the most the structure of current color laser printers used in the separation of 4-color toner cartridge, the other such as the paper body, photoconductive drum, fixing unit 4 color share a system. Therefore, in the printing process, the paper to go in the engine to go four identical processes, but in four processes were achieved in a color toner transfer, which is the color printing speed of most current color laser printers in general An important reason for being a quarter of the speed of black-and-white printing.