About Toner Powder

- Mar 06, 2018-

What is the composition of toner powder? Is it harmful to the human body?

Toner powder can also be called ink powder, the main component is not carbon, most of it is made up of resin and carbon black, charge agent, magnetic powder and so on. The toner powder is melted into the paper fiber at high temperature, and the resin is oxidized to a gas with a pungent odor. This is what everybody says' ozone '. The only advantage of this kind of gas is to protect the earth and reduce the harm of solar radiation. But it is harmful for human's body, can stimulate the human body mucous membrane, easy to improve the incidence of asthma or nose allergies, even dizziness, vomiting and other phenomena.

Brief introduction of carbon powder

In printing machinery, toner powder is mainly used in laser printers. In order to improve economic efficiency and efficiency, toner powder must be filled to the printer. Many of the toner cartridges are used after the toner powder is used, and the users can continue to use them after they are added, so the market is also sold with separate toner powder. The cost is reduced by filling toner powder on its own. Because the sealing property belongs to the disposable consumables cartridge, toner cartridges to fill will damage the sealing performance caused by leakage of powder, toner particles are generally in microns to a unit of measurement, are invisible to the naked eye, toner scattered into the air, will pollute the environment and office environment, leading to increased PM2.5.

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