Toner Powder is the Most Important Part of Copier

- Feb 01, 2018-

Carbon is the main component of copiers toner powder, some are composed of adhesives and resins. At the moment the photocopying is to be finished, the toner is melted into the paper fiberat at about 200 degrees Celsius.And the resin of the toner are oxidized to an irritating gas, which is what we often mention ozone. In general, the authentic toner is not carcinogenic substances, and if you choose inferior toner, which will be more or less some harmful substances. And low-quality toner will  affect the copy effect directly , resulting in a copy of the background color aggravating the color depth of the document. More importantly, poor quality toner can also cause continuous wear on the toner cartridge of the copier.If the copier fixing roller is stained with toner,the dust will be generated inside the copier.Once these dust fall on the copier's working circuit board, it is easy to short-circuit, thus damaging the copie.

Proffisy use Mitsubishi, Tomoegawa of Japan toner powder.Our toner powder is granules fine and uniform,waste less,enough black,non-stick roller, compatibility, and clear effect.

There are five advantages of Proffisy  premium copier cartridges:

High Quality

Thin blak

Scent the RoHS

Print Clearly


Some models of Proffisy Toner Powder as follow:

Model                    Used forColorOEM page YieldChip
TK-1150Kyocera ECOSYS   M2135dn/M2635dn/P2235dn/P2235dwBK3000with
TK-1152Kyocera ECOSYS   M2135dn/M2635dn/P2235dn/P2235dwBK3000with
TK-1154Kyocera ECOSYS   M2135dn/M2635dn/P2235dn/P2235dwBK3000with
TK-1160Kyocera ECOSYS   P2040dn/P2040dvBK7200with
TK-1162Kyocera ECOSYS   P2040dn/P2040dvBK7200with
TK-1164Kyocera ECOSYS   P2040dn/P2040dvBK7200with
TK-1170Kyocera ECOSYS   M2040dn/M2540dn/M2640dvBK7200with
TK-1172Kyocera ECOSYS   M2040dn/M2540dn/M2640dvBK7200with
TK-1174Kyocera ECOSYS   M2040dn/M2540dn/M2640dvBK7200with
TK-3160Kyocera ECOSYS   P3045dnBK12500with
TK-3162Kyocera ECOSYS   P3045dnBK12500with
TK-3164Kyocera ECOSYS   P3045dnBK12500with
TK-3170Kyocera ECOSYS   P3050dnBK15500with
TK-3172Kyocera ECOSYS   P3050dnBK15500with
TK-3174Kyocera ECOSYS   P3050dnBK15500with
TK-3190Kyocera ECOSYS   P3055dn/P3060dnBK25000with
TK-3192Kyocera ECOSYS   P3055dn/P3060dnBK25000with
TK-3194Kyocera ECOSYS   P3055dn/P3060dnBK25000with
TK-5220 BKKyocera ECOSYS   P5021cdw/P5021cdn/M5521cdn/M5521cdwBK1200with
TK-5220 CKyocera ECOSYS   P5021cdw/P5021cdn/M5521cdn/M5521cdwC1200with
TK-5220 YKyocera ECOSYS   P5021cdw/P5021cdn/M5521cdn/M5521cdwY1200with
TK-5220 MKyocera ECOSYS   P5021cdw/P5021cdn/M5521cdn/M5521cdwM1200with
TK-5222 CKyocera ECOSYS   P5021cdw/P5021cdn/M5521cdn/M5521cdwC1200with
TK-5222 YKyocera ECOSYS   P5021cdw/P5021cdn/M5521cdn/M5521cdwY1200with
TK-5222 MKyocera ECOSYS   P5021cdw/P5021cdn/M5521cdn/M5521cdwM1200with
TK-5223 BKKyocera ECOSYS   P5021cdw/P5021cdn/M5521cdn/M5521cdwBK1200with
TK-5223 CKyocera ECOSYS   P5021cdw/P5021cdn/M5521cdn/M5521cdwC1200with
TK-5223 YKyocera ECOSYS   P5021cdw/P5021cdn/M5521cdn/M5521cdwY1200with
TK-5223 MKyocera ECOSYS   P5021cdw/P5021cdn/M5521cdn/M5521cdwM1200with
TK-5224 BKKyocera ECOSYS   P5021cdw/P5021cdn/M5521cdn/M5521cdwBK1200with
TK-5224 CKyocera ECOSYS   P5021cdw/P5021cdn/M5521cdn/M5521cdwC1200with
TK-5224 YKyocera ECOSYS   P5021cdw/P5021cdn/M5521cdn/M5521cdwY1200with
TK-5224 MKyocera ECOSYS   P5021cdw/P5021cdn/M5521cdn/M5521cdwM1200with

Editor’s Note: This post was Published by Proffisy on 01 Feb,2018.