Top Tips to Deal with Photocopier Paper Jam

- Jun 30, 2018-

In  office, photocopiers are used more often. Some netizens who frequently contact the photocopiers ask Gome Xiaobian “How to do photocopier paper jams?” So Gome Xiaobian summed up the relevant knowledge about solving photocopier paper jams and share them with everyone.


The paper jam is the most common problem in the use of copiers, and we do not need to panic when we encounter the copier jam. The most important thing is to clean out the jammed paper, and then check what is the cause of the jam. There are different methods for different reasons. If the machine often jams, indicating that the machine is faulty, you should ask a professional maintenance person to check it. So what should we do in the face of common copier jams? Xiaobian teach you a solution.


When the copier jammed, we should remove the card's paper. How to remove the stuck paper? Take a look at the following steps: (different models operate slightly differently)


1. Open the bottom of the jam. Find the opening on the side of the copier and pull it backwards. At this time, we can see the internal structure of this entire copying machine.


2. After opening the copier, we can simply inside the copier. Find a wrench switch (the upper right side of the cartridge). It is better to co-ordinate and hide it. If you can't find it, you may want to squat down. The line of sight is the same height as the copier, or you can see it.


3. Push the switch backwards. You can lift the entire copy machine up.

4. General jam is where the jammed paper is red circled.


Editor’s Note: This post was Published by Proffisy on 30 Jun,2018.