What are Office Supplies?

- May 07, 2018-

Office furniture, together with technology and office furniture, constitutes one of the major categories needed to fully establish an office environment. They can be identified as items used by furniture and technology in office work, whether they have an employee's home office or a multinational company with a large workforce. Unlike most technical and office furniture, most office supplies are relatively inexpensive, but many of them are crucial to the smooth operation of an enterprise. Of course, the specific needs of each office are tailored to the work done there. In spite of this, some projects are quite common.

Stationery is an integral part of office supplies. Office staff use writing paper, copy paper, printing paper, typewriter paper, letterhead paper, Notepad, envelopes, forms, memos and telephone message boards. Other articles made of paper but not strictly stationery are sticky notes, calendars and planners. Writing appliances are office supplies that go hand in hand with office supplies. Pens, pencils, marker pens and fluorescent pens can find a place. Do not forget the correction fluid, the correction belt or the eraser.

Desk and storage organizer are another kind of office supplies. Manila folders, hanging files and their decorations, such as labels, are critical to some office organizational systems, like a binder and a form protector for other people. Index separators, tissue adhesives and perforated paper as binder to prepare plain paper are complementary to the system.

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