What are the Different Print Management Solutions?

- Feb 24, 2018-

Technological advances make it possible to control the costs associated with print management. Small businesses and large businesses use a variety of tactics to reduce printing costs. Different types of print management solutions available include self-printing, online print management, network print management, and outsourced print management.

For entrepreneurs or small business owners, small print management solutions can print a limited amount of material using inexpensive home office equipment, paper and ink supplies. Print jobs can be managed on a small scale via small printers or multi-function office machines connected to PCs and home networks. Self-printing management is slow and the size of the project is limited by the capacity of home office equipment, but with the improvement of home office equipment, the quality is constantly improving.

Online print management solutions are available to any office professional from a small office to print an administrator at the company level. Many print services and office product companies provide some type of online interface that allows them to be uploaded over the Internet to print individual projects on a large scale. This can include business cards, letterheads, leaflets, postcards and marketing materials. The print job is then completed and shipped within a few days. Online print management solutions allow print jobs to be completed in less time without leaving the office.

When a company needs multiple simultaneous print jobs in multiple departments, a networked print management solution may be required. Large commercial machines can be centrally located and networked with computers from other departments so that jobs can be sent directly to the printer and copied to speed up processing. Printed materials can be picked up or delivered to users in minutes, enabling networked print management solutions to be efficient and reduce the need for a single printer in each office.

Sometimes a large company needs a lot of printing to get it done, using high quality equipment to create first-rate results for important events, marketing or sales activities. In this case, you can use outsourced print management solutions. When the job is outsourced to a printing company, work can be done quickly and bulk items can be cheaper to complete. The same company that handles online printing needs may also offer solutions to manage larger projects through outsourcing.

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